To enhance life safety of all building occupants by assisting our clients to establish fire safety and emergency planning standards that exceed fire code compliance and industry best practices. To support this mission, we empower the 'true' first responder, those civilians who are in close proximity to the emergency incident and are in a position to assist. These are the property and building managers, building engineers, building operations, security, tenant representatives and ordinary occupants. The policies and procedures that the 'true' first responders initiate prior to the arrival of the authorities can dramatically influence the outcome of the event, either positively or negatively. The odds of having a positive outcome are directly proportional to the quality of the emergency plans, training programs and tools provided to them



Since 1980, WPS Disaster Management Solutions has been working with corporations, building owners and property management companies to develop, implement and maintain fire safety and multi-hazard plans across North America. We specialize in commercial hi-rise, commercial low-rise, residential, light industrial, corporate, government, shopping malls, schools and care facility plans. Our emergency plans are developed to meet emergency planning standards set-out by the National and International Fire Codes and are based on the Incident Command System (ICS), a planning standard that has been widely adopted by many emergency planning agencies throughout North America.



The WPS Fire and Life Safety Program is standardizing the industry and helping our clients to establish a 'Best in Class' planning standard that exceeds all local fire code compliance. We are confident that every building that chooses to implement our emergency plans and ePlan Advantage Solution will reduce their liability and enhance the safety of building occupants.


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