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The Myth of the Fire Safety Plan

As a building owner or authorized agent to the owner, you are not compliant or protected simply because you have a building fire safety plan. This plan is the guide you must follow to comply with the codes and to enhance life safety of your building occupants. It is your responsibility to carry out the provisions of the code and bylaws that pertains to fire safety and emergency planning standards.

Fire Safety Plans

Code Compliance

When it comes to taking risks, good emergency planning goes a long way to help minimize any danger. With the onus directly placed on the owner, it's imperative that you consult with your local fire department, or a company that specializes not only in fire safety planning but offers implementation and on-going support services. WPS offers over thirty five years of expertise developing building specific fire safety plans and working with hundreds of fire jurisdictions across North America. To ensure we can scale our capabilities and service, we have developed our own proprietary plan development and management software that allows us to produce and support plans efficiently and accurately across the country. We are very confident, if you follow our proven fire and life safety program and implement the software tools we provide, you will greatly reduce your liability and enhance the safety of all of your building occupants.

Multi-Hazard Emergency Plans

Industry Best Practices

Today you must be prepared and plan for other potential threats beyond a building fire. It seems like almost every day we hear and watch our various news broadcasts covering a multitude of events from earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, to random shootings of innocent people. The new reality has placed even more challenges on the real estate industry, its owners, and property management companies to escalate planning requirements for the safety of their tenants and occupants. Unlike fire, multi-hazard planning is not regulated but many building owners and property management companies have recognized the importance and are taking a best practices approach. In addition to building fire safety plans, WPS develops building multi-hazard emergency and disaster plans based on a nationally recognized planning standard known as ICS, or Incident Command System. ICS is a very scalable system, meaning you can execute this plan even if you only have one building staff member available (referred to as Building Incident Command). Similar to our fire safety plan, our multi-hazard plans include role specific emergency procedures and cover up to thirteen different life threatening events: earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, bomb threat, suspicious package, explosion, bio-hazard, hazardous materials, power failure, armed or violent intruder, pandemic, and medical.



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