Keeping Your Properties Code Compliant Just Got a Whole Lot Easier.

ePlan Manager is the hub of your building fire and life safety program.  This program is fully integrated with the entire ePlan Advantage Suite (ePlan Corporate, ePlan Tenant) providing immediate updates in real time, including our new building eVAC mobile app.  To free up your time an  d worries, we have many built-in features such as at a glance dashboard and quarterly email reminders for important tasks and dates. With ePlan Manager, you can be confident that you will increase your due diligence and conversely enhance the life safety of your building occupants.


What benefits can you expect with ePlan Manager?


Improve Due Diligence

eplan manager redesign DASH ePlan Manager is designed to help you comply with the provisions of the fire code that apply to emergency planning. Activate the auto-generated reminder alerts so you do not forget important tasks necessary to comply with the code.

Reduce Liability  

ePlan Manager is not only designed to help you manage your building fire and life safety program but it maintains all written records of important notices delivered (by email) and tracks training and drill participation of your tenants and emergency personnel.

Reduce Considerable Time

ePlan Manager will greatly simplify and reduce your administration time down to a few hours per year, leaving you plenty of time to do your other important tasks.

Reduce Costsbags-of-money-webePlan Manager makes fire and life safety management affordable minimizing your personnel time and training costs utilizing the online training modules.

The Devil Truly Is In The Details.

You want to know that your plan and procedures are always up to date and ready to use when needed. That's why WPS' ePlan Manager allows you total control:

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Easily delegate responsibilities and empower your managers, staff and/or tenants

Quickly and easily send email notices and announcements to all registered emergency personnel for upcoming training, drills or briefings

Easily deliver and track online fire and life safety training, a requirement for all emergency personnel

Store and easily access all your fire and life safety plans, building floor plans and other related documents.

Follows You Anywhere, Anytime

ePlan Manager carries no restriction on where you can manage your building fire and life safety program. Wherever you are, if you have internet access, you have access to ePlan Manager.

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Unlimited access from any computer or PDA with internet connectivity and no software to purchase or download.

Compatible with both PC and MAC


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