Multi-Hazard Plans

Multi-Hazard Emergency Plans
Industry Best Practices

Today you must be prepared and plan for other potential threats beyond a building fire.  It seems like almost every day we hear and watch our various news broadcasts covering a multitude of events from earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, to random shootings of innocent people. The new reality has placed even more challenges on the real estate industry, its owners, and property management companies to escalate planning requirements for the safety of their tenants and occupants. Unlike fire, multi-hazard planning is not regulated but many building owners and property management companies have recognized the importance and are taking a best practises approach. 

In addition to building fire safety plans, WPS develops building multi-hazard emergency and disaster plans based on a nationally recognized planning standard known as ICS, or Incident Command System.  ICS is a very scalable system, meaning you can execute this plan even if you only have one building staff member available (referred to as Building Incident Command).  Similar to our fire safety plan, our multi-hazard plans include role specific emergency procedures and cover up to thirteen different life threatening events: earthquake, tornado, hurricane, flood, bomb threat, suspicious package, explosion, bio-hazard, hazardous materials, power failure, armed or violent intruder, pandemic, and medical.

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Building Occupant Emergency Guides

What happens if designated members of the building emergency personnel team are unavailable or unsure what to do during a major emergency or crisis?  Is it feasible or economical to train all building occupants in emergency response? Most likely not but providing your tenants and their employees a building specific emergency procedures guide and fire evacuation map can enhance their safety.


The WPS personalized building occupant emergency guide has proven itself to be a valuable tool during an emergency and instills great confidence in tenants and occupants by knowing they have a back-up plan in their hands.  These patented guides are extremely user friendly, utilizing colour coded tabs for quick reference and large enough font so it can be read easily by all ages.  These guides are not only professionally designed but are laminated in a special coating, making the guide very durable and capable to last for a long time. 


Personalized building guides include the following emergency procedures:

Fire & Evacuation                                            




Flood or Water Leakage

Bomb Threat

Suspicious Package

Explosion & Bio-hazard

Hazardous Materials & Shelter-in-Place

Power Failure & Unarmed Violent Intruder

Armed Violent Intruder or Active Shooter

Medical Emergency & Pandemic







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