Delivering peace of mind through emergency management systems

Remember back when you had to use a phone tree? You call one person, they call three people and those people call three more.  Well, no more! Reach everyone at once with eNotifire.  Once you are subscribed to WPS ePlan Advantage, the service is ready and active in your account. With no additional monthly costs to carry, you just pay as you go.

Communication is critical during any kind of incident, not just major emergencies. Whether mobilizing your building staff, informing tenants or notifying employees of an emergency, the eNotifire service enables you to send SMS alerts and potentially life-saving instructions to unlimited communication devices simultaneously.  eNotifire delivers one of the most cost-effective and reliable forms of mass notification; mobile text messaging and voice broadcast. When an incident occurs, simply log-in to your ePlan Manager account or your custom mobile eVAC app, click on eNotifire, write your brief message or choose from one of our ready-to-go templates, and click 'send'. Your message is then sent out to select individuals or groups all at once.

The more ways you can inform your personnel about an incident: PA system, email, mobile SMS text, voice, etc., the better your chances of reaching everyone are. No single system is guaranteed to function during an emergency but using as many as possible certainly increases your chances for success.


Get the word out quickly and efficiently

Simple and very cost-effective alternative modes of communication

Includes a web-based building Emergency Incident Bulletin Board to keep people better informed in real time


Quickly and easily send notification messages to all affected by an event, regardless of the time of day. Flooding in the basement knock out the power at 6AM? Simply send out a mass notification to all tenants or employees advising them that the building will not be accessible that day. Imagine the peace of mind you can offer your tenants if you or your building security personnel.


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