Are You Exposed?

As a building owner or authorized agent, it's your responsibility to know if your building requires a fire safety plan. If so, you're also responsible to carry out the provisions of the code that pertains to fire safety and evacuation. With the onus directly placed on the owner, it's imperative that you consult with your local fire department, or a company that specializes in emergency planning and implementation. 

However, if you implement and carry out the provisions of the code, you'll greatly reduce your exposure, while enhancing the safety of your tenants and occupants.  Even though fire safety planning regulations are clearly documented in the code, fire safety plan development and standards are very different from company to company.  Make sure your provider has history and experience in not only developing building specific plans but also provides implementation and on-going support.  Remember, having a fire safety plan is not enough. To ensure you're protected and your building occupants are safe, you must be compliant.

What can you expect from WPS?  Over thirty years of expertise developing building specific fire safety plans and authoring over four thousand plans across North America.  To ensure we can scale our capabilities and service, we have developed our own proprietary plan development and management software that allows us to produce plans efficiently and accurately across the country.  

At WPS, we value and respect your time. So to make the process of plan development as efficient as possible, we have developed a 5 step process.   

Step 1: We send one of our qualified technicians to you.



We send you a pre-site audit questionnaire to complete, minimizing our actual time required to be on site.


Step 2: We then take on-site picture to personalize your fire safety plan.


We send a qualified technician to your building to confirm and verify fire and life safety systems, and take digital photographs to personalize your fire safety plan.


STEP 3: We deal with appropriate authorities, regulations, and by laws.



We compile and process the plan, and upon your approval, submit the plan to your local Fire Department for review and inspection.


STEP 4: We ensure that your plan meets the requirements of fire dept. officials.


We follow up and ensure that your fire safety plan meets the requirement of the fire department officials.


STEP 5: We ensure your plan gets approved.

We set-up your building with our exclusive ePlan Advantage Software Suite, then provide you with guidance and support to successfully implement and manage your building fire and life safety program.  

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