To protect your investment and to help ensure that your fire safety or multi-hazard emergency plan remains current and active at your facility, WPS offers a variety of services through our Preferred Client Services Program.  As a valued member of our PCS family, your company can select and customize an annual program that will best suit your needs and budgets.

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Services Available for PCS:



ePlan Advantage Software Suite

A custom web-based software Suite developed and designed specifically for building owners, property management, and business owners (tenants) to maintain and implement fire safety and emergency planning regulations and policy.  This Suite of programs will effectively elevate your personal and corporate due diligence if the programs are followed as recommended.  In addition to this powerful  Suite, WPS has also integrated some more lifesaving tools such as eNotifier, an emergency notification system and a new building specific mobile app.




ePlan Plus

Knowing that time is a valuable commodity, WPS also offers a full-service option. With ePlan Plus  you will have your own personal assistant at WPS who will implement and manage your building's fire and life safety program on your behalf. Our ePlan Administrator will monitor and follow a defined schedule to ensure important tasks and notifications are delivered and recorded. ePlan Plus is completely transparent and you will have a log-in for ePlan Manager so you can check to see how everything is going. Utilizing the new ePlan Plus service is the easiest way to improve life safety in your building and improve your due diligence. 

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Plan Support Services

In addition to ePlan Advantage Software Suite, we highly recommend our on-going plan support services.  Emergency plans will change or evolve over time due to a number of reasons, such as changes to the actual building or floor plans, life safety systems and equipment upgrades, revisions to emergency procedures and updates, or fire code regulation changes. To ensure your initial cost in developing your fire safety or multi-hazard emergency plan is protected, we recommend adding our plan support service to provide long-term assurance and at a fixed cost, making budgeting a little easier.  With this program, WPS covers all future changes to your plan, including your wall evacuation sign inserts (purchased through WPS).



Emergency Response Training Sessions

Training your emergency personnel is not only critical to the safety of the building occupants but it's required by law. To help ensure your emergency personnel are trained, WPS offers a variety of training programs to suit your budget, your clients, and their time with Live Instructor-led On-site Training, Live Webinar Training and On-demand Web-based Training programs.  For PCS clients, you are given priority or advanced booking privileges for up to one year, assuring availability when you want it. 




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