ePlan Tenant is the game changer when it comes to implementing your building fire safety plan and maintaining a team of trained emergency personnel. It has never been so easy to delegate this responsibility on to your tenants, track their activity and monitor their participation.  This program allows you to initiate all communication to your tenant in writing, ensuring records are maintained as part of your due diligence program.  ePlan Tenant does not only free up your time and minimize your responsibility but eliminates most of the headaches related to managing your tenants' emergency personnel.


What benefits can you expect with ePlan Tenant?

No additional cost to you or the tenant if have an active ePlan Advantage account.

Reduced workload and time eliminating administration time or managing emergency personnel.

Reduced stress placing some of the responsibility onto the tenant.

Enhanced life safety with increased tenant participation.

Additional options for ePlan Tenant include:

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Life safety in the palm of your hands with eVAC App. Our integrated interface to building emergency procedures allows you navigate and find what you need without any guesswork. eVAC is a powerful tool to have when needed during a building emergency.   Click here to learn more.




Quickly and easily send notification messages to all affected by an event, regardless of the time of day. Flooding in the basement knock out the power at 6AM? Simply send out a mass notification to all tenants or employees advising them that the building will not be accessible that day. Imagine the peace of mind you can offer your tenants if you or your building security personnel.  Click here to learn more.


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