The Right Tools For The Job
WPS Disaster Management Solutions has put considerable time and effort into bringing clients the most efficient and easy to use software solutions to bring your Fire and Life Safety Plan to its ultimate potential of effectiveness. Starting with ePlan Advantage, which is a software suite to help monitor your properties, schedule and track training, and assign emergency personnel, to our eVAC mobile app which give employees and building occupants access to emergency procedures at the push of a button. Combined with eNotiFIRE, our mass notification system, life safety is truly in the palm of your hand. WPS also offers eTraining that can be accessed anywhere at anytime from any device! Our ePLUS program gives you peace of mind knowing that your properties are being looked after from our office. It's like having a personal assistant at WPS! Fill out the form below to request to speak to a live representative on how ePlan Advantage has the right tools for your property management.