Emergency Training

Emergency Response and Disaster Training

On-Site / Online / Live-Online

Emergency response and disaster training is not an option. What you do or how you respond before an incident occurs can profoundly impact the outcome. Lives could be put at risk. Don't take that chance. Fire emergency response training is required by code and must be done. 


WPS understands the challenges often associated with emergency response training. To best fit your needs, we now offer different types and levels of training with regards to occupancy, budget and time restraints. We know how essential emergency response training is to effective planning. So let us help develop a program that works for you and your teams.

At WPS, we offer instructor-led on-site, on-demand video and online training to cover all your needs.

WPS offers emergency response and disaster training for the following situations:

  • Fire Emergencies
  • Earthquake
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane
  • Flood
  • Bomb Threat & Suspicious package
  • Hazardous Materials & Shelter-In-Place
  • Power Failure
  • Unarmed intruder & active shooters
  • Pandemic and medical emergencies
  • Round table exercises
  • Observe & Debriefing Evacuation Drills
  • And More!

Contact us for more information, or to book your Emergency  Response Disaster Training.


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